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Legends of 2012
« on: December 17, 2012, 01:10:35 AM »
Ok so the last trail build for the year has been run, and the yearly totals have come in...

LDTR did approx 1400 volunteer hours this year
From 97 Volunteers

But there are some really stand outs...


David Woff & Ra Heng (67 Hours)
These two did not miss an official trail build this year, plus they did Countless extra hours...
If you see them out on the trail shake there hands because they are responsible for most of the trails that you enjoy, they don't do it for love or money, Just LEDGENDS
Andrew Leslie (62 Hours)
Yes i missed the first trail build in three years and got knocked of my perch :(
Olly Wather (54 Hours)

A machine and a ledgend (plus countless extra hours as the pres!!)

Andrew Miers (51 Hours)

Champion, and Ledgend

6. Wayne Johnson (46 Hours)
7. Bill Dunstan  (40 Hours)
8.  Alfred Upin (35 Hours)
Equal 10th
 Ben Reeves (34 Hours)
 Mike Strike (34 Hours)

Honorable mentions (above 30 hours)
Lance Chesterfield (32 hours)
Derek Yates (31 Hours)

Top Chick
Equal on 19 hours
Helen Yates
Linda Rainer

So Big thanks to everyone that attended the trail builds, see you next year!!
The Ledgends ledger has been reset so you could be the number 1 Ledgend next year

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Re: Ledgends of 2012
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2012, 02:48:01 AM »
What a great year of trail building.

When you consider that the weather has been hard on the park and the maintenance level required has been high!

 I looked back to see where the time has been spent, as we just ride these trails forgetting they are new now.
The year started below Follow me, Bermicide was created and manicured over a few builds, Follow me was re hashed and improved as required, then on to Aneurysm with a couple of maintenance days thrown in.
So all in all a few kilometers of new track and a lot of maintenance.

Add the Vic parks work with corrections and you have new boardwalks and extended  old ones along with some raised sections of Redgum to keep us out of the mud.

World trail contributions have seen the com games and a revisit to hug and whatever the top part near the Hallam north car park is.

I would call it a great year!

Looking forward to more trails next year a skills park in the planning.

Its been great to meet so many people that just want to give back to the trails and improve the quality.

A good social day, every trail day.

Merry Christmas and may Santa bring you a new bike  ;)

I'm asking for some skills to ride the one i have  ;D

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Re: Ledgends of 2012
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2012, 10:27:47 PM »
A HUGE congratulations to all the builders for 2012! We really did some excellent work in some tough conditions this year.

You have to hand it to Ra and Dave, Andrew L, Oliver and Andrew M for another year of outstanding contributions to the Lysty Trails. Those guys put in the hard yards at pretty much EVERY Build this year so that's commitment. They all have been doing it for longer than just the last 12 months too so every rider who rides at Lysty should owe them at least one beer each at Christmas time!

Most of the Forum crew are regulars at the Builds anyway but it'd be great to get everyone back for 2013 and encourage your mates to get along to at least ONE trail build through the year if they ride at Lysty. The momentum that's building with these is letting us do a lot of new stuff and that gets EVERYONE stoked to ride more often.

With the skills park on the plan for 2013, it will be great to see everyone at the build days once again!

Speaking of trail building legends:

I think I ripped myself off at one build by turning up 10 minutes late and missing the sign in sheet..... That'll teach me to resist the call of the doona. I coulda been a contender...... Look out 2013.

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