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A bike a day
« on: September 25, 2016, 08:31:21 PM »
We usually repost photos that people share on social media of their bikes at lysty, so I thought.. why not have a week where we post one a day? See below for all the info. If you're not on facebook or instagram, then share your pics on this thread. Otherwise, enjoy the pics at lysty to be posted within the next week :)

Time to get your bike out at Lysty! For the next week we're going to be posting a bike a day. Send us through a picture of your bike at Lysterfield and we might repost it. One bike/pic at Lysty reposted each day for the next week. Send us a picture of your bike on your favourite trail, feature or scenic lookout point for the chance of it being shared.
First pic starts tomorrow night!
1. Picture and bike must be at Lysterfield Park.
2. To send us your picture, post on our facebook page wall and use the hashtag #RIDELYSTY . To send it to us on instagram, DM us or make your account public and tag us in the picture/ use the hashtag #RIDELYSTY.
3. Only one bike/pic will be posted each day.
4. Pictures that include the LDTR sticker/logo may help in getting your photo shared.
5. Pictures that are not pixelated, show the whole bike and the scenery of Lysty are preferred.
6. We will provide full credit to you when sharing the pic.
7. Pic will be reposted on our instagram and facebook page.
8. Send us as many pictures as you like - make them different to each other though.
9. Get creative!
10. This is not a competition, we are just simply sharing photos from those who love riding at Lysty.
11. We may still use your picture a few days after you've sent it to us (so keep an eye out 😃).
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