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Re: Lysterfiel track closures
« Reply #15 on: November 12, 2010, 02:05:02 PM »
i think, at this stage,anyone running an event (like FGP, MTBSkills ect.ect) have to give a surcharge as such to PV per rider,  My understanding is that this money goes into PV consolidated revenue (ie. not MTB specific).

Unfortuantly the costs (in both time and money) of a proper plan to rejuvenate the MTB network at Lysterfield would be Millions, so we have to do it one bit at a time and first step is to get a professional to do an audit on what is there, this is happening as we speak

We have Trail Days once a month, I send a proposal to PV on what we want to do, this then gets discussed, If you are interested in what we do on these days, drop me a PM and i am happy to talk you though the discussions, even get you involved, please understand that the clubs biggest asset (at this stage) is the relationship it has with PV.

So for instance this weekend...

We have been asked to finish the track behind the dam wall, this frustrates my slightly, but i understand that it needs to be finished before we start on any thing else, i also feel that we should be spending our time on maintenance, but as somebody who has personally worked on buckle trail in at least 6 different occasions, i know that this is basically a waste of time.

The biggest issue with Lysterfield is poor original placement of the trail, and numbers unlike anywhere else in the state gets, a perfect example is the CGT decent off trig point, That trail was built correctly (almost over built), but the trail placement is all wrong, in most places that would be fine but you know how busy that trail was.

As i said, i get dispondant on the condition of the place, and i am doing all i can, the only way forward is to unite, be constructive, have your say, get involved. If you have ideas and are willing to pursue them to there conclusion let me know i will do all i can to help.

rant over! ;)
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Re: Lysterfiel track closures
« Reply #16 on: November 21, 2010, 02:11:05 PM »

All comments are warranted,  went for a ride this morning and what a boggy mess. Tracks are still water logged even after a week of dry weather and one down poor over night.

Yes we would all love tracks to be 100% but this will take some time to achieve. We started the new trail behind the dam wall to get riders away from the dam wall and walkers. This will be completed hopefully by the next build and then we can get into some maintenance.

Like Andy stated though we can maintain as much as we like but without re-aligning and rock armouring the low lying tracks we will be doing it over and over again due to the high traffic on the tracks. The soil and lye of the land makes it very difficult to get it right at Lysterfield.

All who have an opinion I would encourage to come along and give us a hand, to date the largest turn up we have had is about 22 bodies. When you think that we have over 100,000 trips per month on the trails this is a very small number. Lots of people use the facilities but do not putback in.

We have a consistent crew of about 10 people who give up there riding time to build trails but we need more to do the same. So grab a mate and come along either to an afternoon build or one of the advertised building weekend s. If we have larger numbers we can build trails and maintain at the same time.

We all have different skills and we can use them all on our days. LEts not gorget it has been years of neglect that we are trying to correct so a little patience from all will go a long way. See you at the next trail day.


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Re: Lysterfiel track closures
« Reply #17 on: November 24, 2010, 07:17:09 PM »
Rode Lysterfield this morning with +1 and was pleasantly suprised at how much the trails have actually dried out. Only a couple of small sections of track around Middle Trail and Upper Buckle were still muddy.  Of course with rain forecast this weekend, it might all change again!

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