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There are more and more girls getting into MTB and it's fantastic to see so many more of you out on the trails at Lysterfield and beyond. It seems like we are getting a good number of women joining the club and I noticed that Trailmix didn't seem to be running the women's rides at the moment.

I guess it would be cool to hear if there are enough women who are interested in a regular Ladies Only ride? You can make it whatever you want and it might be a good way for the ladies to get together on a more organised basis. It seems there is an good number of women in the club and on Facebook now that this could become a regular thing if you want it.

I just thought I'd float the idea here and I'll link up from Facebook too. If someone wants to step up and volunteer to organise these on a regular basis that'd be cool otherwise just use this thread to work out a ride by ride basis.

Women are always welcome on any of the LDTR rides of course! Sometimes having a ride without stinky boys is something different and might encourage riders that are new to the sport or lacking confidence to give it a shot. Even more experienced riders could use this as an opportunity to ride hard and shred trails with 95% less chance of your riding buddy hucking loogies and launching snot rockets.

This might not be the ideal time to float the idea being winter and with the Lysty trails closed but there are always plenty of other places to try out. Come on ladies, show the blokes you don't need em!

Important Note: These are NOT official LDTR Club Organised Ride and are not ?instructional? rides. These rides are just a group of like minded people out for a ride to enjoy the park. We are not charging any fees or do we cover any incidents with club insurance or accept any liabilities.  We are not claiming to be qualified instructors or take responsibility for peoples abilities on this ride.  Mountain biking can be dangerous and you are undertaking these rides entirely AT YOUR OWN RISK! We recommend all riders have current Ambulance cover and consider some level of insurance in case of injury.

[Blokes please don't post in this thread - This one is JUST for Ladies Only rides]

I will delete any posts by blokes, good natured or not :)

I'd be happy to organise these rides if other women are interested, maybe on a Sunday once a month that is not an Epic Sunday?

I can lead rides at Lysterfield or the You Yangs with low to negligible risk of getting people lost. I won't always be able to lead the rides though as sometimes I work Sundays so it'd be good if others could sometimes lead.

Can we please call it a 'women's ride'? Ladies' ride makes me think of us all riding side-saddle in frilly dresses....maybe I'm being pedantic.

Ha! It's like you can read my mind...

also, if other women are interested in the rides, or have other suggestions please post.

Appreciate your volunteering to lead, when u can. I'm definitely keen to do it. Live near Lysterfield but glad to ride wherever until the tracks are ready. Wonder how many times I would fall off in a frilly dress and riding side saddle.

No worries.

Has there been much progress re organising a ride on facebook? I'm not on FB.


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