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Title: Another new member
Post by: Jay19 on June 05, 2012, 09:25:21 AM
Morning All,

Signed up for LDTR membership last week and planning on attending the upcoming June trail build.

I'm Jamie from Doncaster East (originally from the UK) and have been riding for less than a year. I ride a Giant Filter 3, which I will soon be upgrading to a shiny new KTM 29er. Only discovered Lysterfield at the beginning of the year, so still finding my way (slowly) around the park whilst taking far too many breaks  ;D

It suits me to ride during the week when the trails are quieter and try to get down at least once a week.

Look forward to meeting fellow members at the trail build!
Title: Re: Another new member
Post by: Numbnuts on June 05, 2012, 10:07:52 AM
G'day Jamie,

Welcome to the club mate.

Another pommie! Jeez, we get about don't we. There's a few of us poms in the club so you're in good company.

A KTM 29er...nice. They're making some sweet looking bikes.

Keep an eye out in the trail meetups thread, there's a weekly Tuesday night ride, (when weather permits), there's usually an early Saturday morning ride going on, (check out the short notice thread), and generally people post in there if they are heading out and fancy some company.

If you're looking for someone to ride with, just stick up a post with a time, place and pace and you'll normally find someone up for a ride.

There's also the monthly club "epic' rides now, which are getting popular. A great chance to get out and see somewhere different. you just missed the last one, it was on Sunday along the Yarra Trails. Next one's a biggie, Mt Donna Buang. Bring you're climbing legs if you're keen, (or an engine).

See you out on the trails.

Title: Re: Another new member
Post by: Jay19 on June 06, 2012, 09:06:09 PM
we certainly do, been here for 6 years but still have my yorkshire accent.

I read about the Yarra Trails one, was really close to where I live but was on babysitting duties.

The Mt Donna Buang ride sounds great and so does the Queens Birthday ride, but both fall on days when I am not free. Definitely coming to the Trail Build day though.

Title: Re: Another new member
Post by: Vaughn on June 07, 2012, 07:31:39 PM
Hi Jay,

Welcome to the club and the forum